DataFix’s Vote-by-Mail process is a complete end-to-end solution that quickly and accurately mails a kit to voters on your Voters’ List. Election officials can simply complete the ballots within VoterView and DataFix will integrate this with all the required information to complete the Vote-by-Mail kit. Each ballot face is matched appropriately with the voter information. At the end of the proofing process, our print expert will print and mail the kits on the agreed to ‘mail drop date’. DataFix’s Vote-by-Mail process includes:

  • Complete kit design
  • Voters’ List preparation
  • Ballot Management
  • Deposit at a Canada Post Mail facility

Vote-by-Mail Ballot Tracking Tool

When the vote by mail tracking tab is enabled in VoterView, in addition to the Personal Information and Address Information tabs, the Vote by Mail tab also appears on the Elector Details page. This Vote by Mail tab contains three date fields that can be populated for any elector that opts to use a mail ballot:

  • Requested: the date the mail ballot was requested
  • Mailed: the date that the mail ballot was mailed to or picked up by the voter
  • Received: the date that the completed mail ballot was received

VoterView includes tools to provide quick access to the following mail ballot groups:

  • Kit Requested: lists all voters that have requested mail ballots
  • Kit Requested, but not Mailed: a subset of the Kit Requested group
  • Kit Mailed: lists all voters that have requested mail ballots and whether those ballots have been mailed or picked up
  • Kit Mailed, but not Received: a subset of the Kit Mailed group
  • Kit Received: lists all voters that have requested mail ballots and whether those ballots have been returned to the municipality
  • Date and total number of Kits inducted at the Canada Post Mail Facility
  • The number of kits not yet received for processing by the municipality
  • Number of kits received and scanned, by date
  • Full status view of all ballots received and scanned for each voter

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