DataFix has a team of individuals with very specialized knowledge and competency — our core strength is managing and improving the quality of large, external databases.

We offer our clients cost effective solutions that meet their needs using a number of approaches.

We know the best data sources to meet a client’s need and how to bring the owners of these data sources together.

We have worked extensively with Electoral databases and have become knowledgeable about our clients’ business.

We have developed some of the most sophisticated data matching software in the world.

To successfully meet our clients’ requirements, DataFix manages all projects whether large or small through the same process.   A dedicated project team is assigned to all projects with particular attention to our Quality Assurance processes.

DataFix has been very successful in meeting and exceeding its customers’ goals and objectives. We have invested a significant amount of effort in understanding the challenges and business objectives of our clients: often, our proposed solutions result in improved processes, reduced operational costs and improved cash flow and enhanced customer satisfaction.

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