Top 5 reasons why your electoral body should have a good voter register system

Maintaining a good elector list is one of the more challenging aspects of an election. Each level of government has their own business rules surrounding elector list maintenance lending way to variance in quality of lists. Here are 5 reasons why maintaining a good elector list is so important. Read More

Election Results

Results reporting on Election Day needs to be fast and accurate, and to support the reporting process VoterView includes an Unofficial Election Results tool. Available via the Tools -> Unofficial Elections Results menu, this feature can be used by election officials to enter the unofficial election results into VoterView as the ballots are counted… Read More Read More

New VoterView Logo

DataFix originally launched Municipal VoterView in 2003 to provide elector list management solutions to Canadian municipalities. Recently, however, we have been expanding our services to support organizations such as trade unions and Provincial electoral authorities.

As part of our service expansion we are changing the name of the site to better reflect the diversity of our customers. So, going forward the new name will simply be VoterView. With the name change we are also updating our logo…. Read More Read More