While the web-based VoterView requires an Internet connection, VoterView Express is a Windows application that can be installed in order to provide electronic voter strike-off capabilities for a number of different scenarios:

  • Support polling locations that lack Internet connectivity
  • Enable roving polls or other off-site locations
  • Backup capabilities in the event that Internet connectivity is unavailable or interrupted during an advance poll or on voting day. Once the connection is restored, elector strike-offs recorded in VoterView Express will be securely uploaded to the centralized VoterView database along with the polling location, the poll date, and the strike-off time.

VoterView Express is supported on Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10.

Extends list revision and electronic voter strike-off capabilities:

  • Windows-based application
  • User interface is consistent with voterview.ca
  • Encrypted copy of the complete Voters’ list
  • Automatic synchronization when Internet connectivity is available
  • Voting location activities unaffected by connectivity issues

Facilitates mobile polls in:

  • Shopping malls
  • Retirement and nursing homes
  • Hospitals
  • Signature capture capability