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DataFix’s VoterView is Canada’s most widely used elector management system. VoterView is an Internet-based Application designed to provide elections officials with an electronic view of their electoral information including the ability to make corrections to the voters list and to access various voter counts needed for electoral planning as well as the capability to provide an electronic copy of all changes to the provincial authority at the end of the electoral event.

VoterView was launched in 2002, and has been instrumental in providing election support for over 300 municipalities in six provinces. We have successfully participated in well over 500 Canadian municipal elections.

VoterView simplifies the management of elector data during the election cycle by delivering simple yet powerful functionality.

If you are looking for ways to improve the quality of your voter information and to reduce election costs, VoterView offers the most comprehensive set of elector tools available to support the municipal election process.

Some of the key VoterView benefits include:


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