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Online Voter Services

Online Voter Services (OVS) is the interface that allows electors to determine if they are on the voters’ list, to find out where to vote, and also to identify who their candidates are.

All OVS functionality can be implemented on customer  websites using two methods: web services, or IFrames. Web services are suitable for customers  with more internal technical resources, while IFrames are generally simpler to implement but may have fewer customization capabilities.

The VoterView OVS service provides three key functions:

Am I on the Voters’ List?

Users enter their full name and property address and will receive either a positive or negative response. For negative responses, the voter will receive the messaging necessary to have their name added to the list. If the Voter Registration service is used, this process can be initiated online by the potential elector.

Where do I vote?

Based on either a successful “Am I on the Voters’ List?” search or by directly entering a property address, the “Where do I vote?” OVS function will display the appropriate voting dates, times and locations applicable for the elector.

For customers that implement vote anywhere, OVS can be configured to display the nearest voting locations to either the elector’s address or an elector-supplied postal code.

In addition, Google Maps links can be displayed to show both the location of the voting place as well as directions from the elector’s property.

Who are my candidates?

This optional OVS service provides a list of candidates applicable to the elector.

Voter Registration

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