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Data Cleansing

A clean, complete and reliable database of customers or prospects is the key to successful communication. Whether you are sending invoices, newsletters, statements, or new product promotions, the quality of your customer database is critical to getting your message out. Missing information, incorrectly entered or redundant data, inconsistent naming conventions, duplicate information, or invalid address data are just a few factors that may cause a database to erode over time.

Our experience shows that most businesses have significant error rates in their customer files. These deficiencies can cause problems such as: not being able to reach the customer by phone or mail, high levels of returned mail, unsuccessful sales/marketing campaigns, misdirected and unpaid invoices, and unusually high numbers of customer complaints.

DataFix can help you maximize the effectiveness of your direct marketing and mailing activities, save you money on wasted mailings, improve your response rates and help you make the best impression with your potential customers.

DataFix has a team of individuals with very specialized knowledge and competency in the field of data cleansing and data matching. Our core strength is managing and improving the quality of databases and we offer cost effective solutions using a number of approaches:

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