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Election Results

Results reporting on Election Day needs to be fast and accurate, and to support the reporting process VoterView includes an Unofficial Election Results tool.

Available via the Tools -> Unofficial Elections Results menu, this feature can be used by election officials to enter the unofficial election results into VoterView as the ballots are counted. The results can then be displayed on your public-facing election website and/or delivered electronically to media organizations.

Most recently, the VoterView Unofficial Elections Results tool was used by Elections PEI for their May 4, 2015 provincial election. As the results were entered into VoterView, the data was automatically fed to the Elections PEI website. Information on the main results page included a count of votes received for each party, the Districts in which each party was currently leading, and the number of polls reporting for each District. Yellow highlighting was used to indicate the leader for each District:

Results were also displayed by individual poll within each district. These pages displayed the candidate names along with the number of votes (and vote percentage) each candidate received:

All results on the Election PEI’s website were automatically updated every minute by polling VoterView for the latest unofficial results data.

The leading Canadian news agencies also made use of the Unofficial Election Result numbers obtained through VoterView. DataFix worked with the Canadian Media Elections Consortium (CMEC) to provide results data every 10 seconds that was then automatically fed to the consortium members.

For example, CBC used the VoterView Unofficial Elections Results data to support a dedicated PEI Votes 2015 website that provided a comprehensive view of the results as they were entered into VoterView. The live CBC television broadcast also used the same numbers to analyze and report on the results as they came in from the polls.

The Unofficial Elections Results tool is available to all of our VoterView customers and is an ideal way to deliver results to your website or directly to the media.

For more information, please contact VoterView support at, or by calling 416-363-8170 extension 249.

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