New VoterView Logo

DataFix originally launched Municipal VoterView in 2003 to provide elector list management solutions to Canadian municipalities. Recently, however, we have been expanding our services to support organizations such as trade unions and Provincial electoral authorities.

As part of our service expansion we are changing the name of the site to better reflect the diversity of our customers. So, going forward the new name will simply be VoterView. With the name change we are also updating our logo, and you can see it now by logging into Note: if the new logo does not immediately appear, press the F5 key in your browser to refresh the page.

While we remain 100% focused on meeting the needs of our municipal customers, expanding VoterView into new markets will help us to continue to improve all of our services. Already our non-municipal customers have provided some very useful feedback that will be incorporated into future VoterView updates.